Our Philosophy on Wealth Management

We work with successful business owners and executives to go beyond typical investment planning. We provide the collective perspective of a team, rather than just one individual's advice, in helping achieve your goals. Your team will be led by experienced wealth managers who will coordinate with other professionals in evaluating all aspects of your your finances including tax professionals, disability and life insurance specialists, estate attorneys, risk management specialist, etc.. Because we were founded to help successful families, achieve all that is important to them, we strive to work with professionals who also have expertise in their related fields.

What We Believe

Life is a complex variable; it is crucial that your financial planning be versatile because change is inevitable. Your circumstances, priorities, and goals will change as life progresses. We partner with a professional network of experts in the fields of tax, legal and risk management to ensure your families plan is tailored and able to adapt to those changes.

As you change and grow, the environment of your money fluctuates - the stock market, taxes, and estate laws change. We make it our mission to understand and support your goals and help you create a wealth management plan that can adjust to your needs. With a CFO approach to your wealth and legacy planning, we exercise years of experience and expertise in the industry to help accomplish your goals.

At REAP Private Client Group, we consider our clients family, so we take wealth management personally. With our in-depth approach to planning, managing, and protecting assets, we help our clients forge the future they envision with our team of experts.

Comprehensive Strategies

Everyone has unique financial circumstances. That’s why we create a comprehensive strategy; we’ll sit down with you, listen to your financial goals, and prepare an advanced financial plan to help you accomplish what means most to you and your family.

We assemble our team of experts, get them all in the same room and collaborate to make sure that everyone is on the same page and working together for our clients. Once we have a comprehensive road map for goals, we regularly monitor your portfolio in accordance with your objectives.

To begin, we spend about an hour together and see if we can help identify gaps that may exist in your current plan and what your goals are.

One of three things is going to happen


We find out that there are no gaps, all of your professionals are on the same page, and that your financial plan aligns with your objectives.


We find out that there may be some gaps that exist, and we may not be the best firm to help you. If that is the case, we will get you to the person who is best suited to help you with your needs.


We may find some gaps that exist, and we may be a great fit. This is where the fun part begins! We'll start putting a plan in place for you and your family to execute a consultative and comprehensive plan.

Our Process

Family offices are professional organizations whose purpose is to manage the financial and personal affairs of families of wealth around the country. This concept of a dedicated trusted advisor committed to serving the interests of a single-family (or group of families) can be traced back through the centuries. European families have funded private family banks for generations, and family offices in their modern form really began to appear in the mid-19th century to serve the wealth creators of the Industrial Revolution – Rothchilds, Flemings, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan, and others.

The idea of putting the most qualified financial minds and service teams at the disposal of the wealthiest families has continued to evolve to the point where it is today – a cottage industry with thousands of privately managed family offices around the world providing wealth management services for multiple generations of wealth owners. Family offices vary tremendously in the services they provide and the form they take.

Some family offices are organized as a separate company or legal entity; others are simply an extension of an existing operating business with a few people working to provide services for the owner’s family alongside the managers of the operating company. A third model is a virtual family office, often run informally by one family member who coordinates a team of external advisors on behalf of the owners. The family office is a unique family business that is created to provide tailored wealth management solutions in an integrated fashion while promoting and preserving the identity and values of the family.

Over the years our firm has built a very well-defined 5 step consulting process. It addresses investment consulting, advanced planning issues, tax strategies, estate planning, charitable giving, and protecting wealth from being unjustly taken. We’ve assembled a team of some of the best legal, accounting and insurance minds that have been vetted to be part of our virtual family office structure. We collaborate together to come up with powerful ideas to help our families make smart decisions about their money.

Reap Private Client Group as Coordinator

RPCG stays in close contact with the client family to help ensure the various specialists are delivering as promised. As coordinator, RPCG also works closely with the family to make sure the desired results are achieved.

The Specialists who are part of our family office

The specialists who are part of RPCG “fill in the gaps” by providing the expertise that RPCG does not specialize in. This is an important point because no one professional – not even the smartest investor or tax attorney will have all of the connections needed to serve the complex needs of affluent families.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!