Five Biggest Concerns of the Wealthy

Consulting on the best allocation of investments that meets their risk levels while still helping them towards reaching their goals**.

Maximizing various tax strategies to lower their tax burden legally.

Transferring wealth to family or loved ones.

Protecting and safeguarding their wealth.

How to take advantage of various giving strategies that maximize the benefits for both the giver and receiver.

*  Russ Alan Prince and David A. Geracioti, Cultivating the Middle-Class Millionaire, 2005.
** Asset allocation does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.

The Power of a Professional Network

After getting to know you through a discovery process, we can put together a Total Client Profile. This captures your goals, essential relationships, interests, and values.

The collective perspective of a team, rather than one individual's advice, is critical to effective wealth management.

We use a consultative process that brings together various professionals to collaborate on tax planning, estate planning, assets protection and charitable giving strategies to see if any gaps exist in your current plan.

By bringing together these professionals in a single room provides for key brainstorming conversations that allow us to come up with actionable steps to address the gaps. These steps are measured and tracked as an action plan that is put in place on things you wish to address first.